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Gold Series Mattress Pad

"Shortly after sleeping on my new Gold Series Mattress Pad I got to sleeping all night long with no pain."
- Thelma C.

"I did the Era Detox program and actually really loved it!!! I lost 20 pounds without even really trying in only one month!!!"
- Tracy R.


Behind The Science of Magnetics

Humans are dependent on an external source of magnetism. This was proven in the 1960's when astronauts required the use of magnets to replace the magnetic field of the Earth. Before the use of supplemental magnetism, space travelers experienced up to 80% loss of bone calcium. Proper magnetic therapy has been proven to enhance the body's natural ability to be healthy and heal itself, not just mask symptoms as many other treatments do in our modern day world. On its own, the body treats injury and illness with magnetic energy, which it derives from within itself (Krebs Cycle) and from the Earth's magnetic field.

It has been established that the magnetic field of the Earth, on which our bodies depend, has been decreasing. It has decreased from a level of over 4 gauss, 4,000 years ago, to less than 1/2 gauss today(5). People are currently healthier in parts of the earth where magnetic fields are stronger. George J. Washnis (2) reports that millions of people annually visit Lourdes, France, where greater magnetic fields prevail. As a result of bathing, drinking, and dabbing the water of Lourdes on their body, "All seem to feel better as pain and stress are relieved, while over 2,000 inexplicable cures (with 65 so-called miracles) have been recognized by the authorities."

As part of the circle of optimum health you should sleep on a Lyon Legacy Gold or Silver Series Magnetic Mattress Pad. This pad can help to heal, restore, and revitalize your body while you sleep, when your body is in its natural state of healing and restoration. For specific health concerns apply a properly designed Lyon Legacy therapeutic magnetic product to the affected area of your body.

Clinical observations of Dr. William Philpott and others


North Pole
Negative Polarity (-)
South Pole
Positive Polarity (+)
fights infection
accelerates microrganism growth
relieves pain
increases pain
reduces inflammation
can increase inflammation
encourages restorative sleep
stimulates wakefulness
increases cellular oxygen
decreases cellular oxygen
normalizes acid balance
encourages high acid levels
supports biological healing
inhibits biological healing
reduces fluid retention
increases edema
pulls fluids and gases
pushes fluids and gases
reduces fatty deposits
encourages fatty deposits

Another part of the Triangles of Wellness, whether you are seeking better health through preventive measures or looking to heal your body is the proper Lyon Legacy Nutritional Supplements as well.

Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D.(2) provided a very important fundamental observation concerning magnetic response and therapy. He showed that when an injury occurs, the injured area registers magnetically positive (bio-south pole). After a few hours the site of the injury without any outside magnetic influence registers negative (bio-north pole). What this shows is that bio-north energy is present during healing while bio-south energy is present during, and is a signal of injury and disorder.

USING A BIO-NORTH MAGNET on a recent injury may immediately start the healing process before it has the opportunity to go through the hours of stress from the bio-south pole presence. Using the bio-north pole facing the body in our products, we can safely suggest immediate treatment of injury.

When we say "bio-north pole" we are referring to a type of magnetic energy in a properly designed "bio" or life magnet and not the actual poles of the earth. The Bio-North polarity of Lyon Legacy Magnets, provides "supplemental" magnetic energy, which every cell in our body is dependent upon this energy for survival and health. In fact, we can't live without it.

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Companies that sell alternating and bi-polar products with "patented" alternating patterns for pain relief, need to recommend that you wait several hours before treating to avoid increasing the bio-south presence in the area. Lyon Legacy Magnetic Products, because they are properly designed with properly designed Bio-North Polarity Magnets only, do not carry this warning.

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